Yes, Man

Thursday, October 4, 2012

^ This is the cover of the 2008 movie, "Yes Man," starring the one and only, Jim Carrey, and the beautiful, Zoeey Deschanel. The plot of the movie is that Carrey, the protagonist, challenges himself to say, "yes," to very opportunity for a whole year. He then discovers the magical of power of the "yes" word— lands a job, finds a girlfriend (Deschanel), etc. As the movie progresses, it soon becomes apparent the magic was all an illusion because consequences follow when every opportunity is taken.

I'm a yes (woman). These are the things I have said "yes" to since I've arrived on campus:

  • Publicity Chair for IJM

  • Taking the lead in hosting a benefit concert (Dec. 1).

  • Account Manager at Midnight Oil

  • Barista at Espresso Royale

  • Student Mentor @ AAF

  • Helpers at CFC

  • Design Ministry at CFC

  • Web Ministry at CFC

  • Multicultural Programs at AAF

  • Professional Development at AAF

  • Taking the lead on fundraising for PD

  • Marketing Strategist at Nielsen Case Competition

  • Research Assistant at UIUC

  • Designer for ILLIO, UIUC Yearbook

  • Member at CRU

  • * ON TOP OF... being a full-time student, attending info sessions and career fairs, building relationships, church functions (bible study, large group, sunday services), and applying for summer 2013 internships.

How do you discern which ones you say yes to, and which ones you pass?

to be continued...

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